About Me

Hi I’m Sarah, Welcome to Pregnancy Wellness Hub

I live and work from Oxted in Surrey, and when I’m not with clients I’m mum to my two kids Finn and Erin and the better half to Rob. Having my own children and feeling like there is very little available in terms of treatments for pregnancy is what sparked the idea for the Pregnancy Wellness Hub.

Whilst pregnant myself I realised that it’s quite a tough gig this pregnancy lark, from very early on in both pregnancies I remember feeling like my body had been taken over, which I struggled to get my head around and feel comfortable with,  and an immense feeling of anxiety and worry had joined the feelings of joy and excitement.

What I really wanted was to be able to look after myself, get some relief from the aches I had developed and have a treatment that was designed with my pregnancy in mind. After all, wasn’t this the time that I should be truly looking after myself.

What I found was quite the opposite, lots of treatment menus for salons and spas had a really small version of cut down treatments,  of the kinds of treatments I would have had when not pregnant or a limited offering with no scope to have anything else!

I found side lying massage frustrating and moving myself mid way through was just not ideal,  as I was starting to feel like a whale maneuvering itself off of  the beach.

So since the birth of my son in 2017, I made it my mission to utilise my 20+ years of holistic,  massage and beauty skills, to offer the most comfortable massage and inclusive treatment menu for pregnant and postnatal women. I wanted future mumma’s  to be, to enjoy and thrive in their pregnancies, and to not feel excluded like I had.

Listening and building a rapport, so you feel comfortable with me, is key to you being able to truly relax. I like to take my time with a consultation, everyday is different in a pregnancy so treatment needs to reflect this.

With the right treatments, you can hush the anxiety and reduce the swelling,  aches and pains that are making you count the hours, weeks and minutes until you’re not pregnant again (yes I did this too),  feel like you again, and really thrive through pregnancy.

If you are unsure on what treatment will be best for you, why not book a free 15 mins call with me at a time that suits you.

Call us:
07512 115 362

Wellbeing Subscription

Whether you are a new mum or just in need of some time for you, Wellbeing Prescription is for you. After a thorough consultation, you can decide which form of therapy you would like,  or I can advise you of the best treatment to help alleviate your concerns on the day. Choose from Hydrotherm Full Body Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Full body Hot Stone Massage.

Thrive Pregnancy Package

You want a calm, relaxing environment, designed with your pregnancy in mind, that you can have time for you, where you can address the aches and issues you’re battling with and start embracing your changing body without feeling like you have lost yourself in it. If this sounds like you, I can help. Thrive Pregnancy Package is what you’re looking for.