Useful Contacts

Looking for recommendations? Sometimes the endless Google searches can leave you more confused than when you had started and it's really nice, not to mention time saving, to have a list of great contacts all in one place, well Tah Dah!!

Womens Health Physio

A great tool to use throughout pregnancy especially those suffering with pelvic girdle pain or sciatica that cant be helped enough with massage.

Mother and Baby Groups

Something I get asked for advice on all the time, don’t feel lonely there are plenty of groups and events locally to make great friends at.

Pregnancy Yoga Groups

I really enjoyed yoga throughout both my pregnancies for releasing tight hips, giving me time out on my own and of course the relaxation.

Mother and Baby Yoga

Something I wish I had taken my little ones too!

Maternity Bra Fitting

Now this lady comes to you, is this not a great idea?

Pre and Postnatal PT

Whether you want to get back to pre pregnancy strength or keep yourself in tip top condition whilst pregnant, these ladies are the experts.


Wanting that extra support throughout, during and after birth?


I have heard amazing, stories of serene births due to hypnobirthing.

Breastfeeding Support

Always handy at the beginning.

Call us:
07512 115 362

Wellbeing Subscription

Whether you are a new mum or just in need of some time for you, Wellbeing Prescription is for you. After a thorough consultation, you can decide which form of therapy you would like,  or I can advise you of the best treatment to help alleviate your concerns on the day. Choose from Hydrotherm Full Body Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Full body Hot Stone Massage.

Thrive Pregnancy Package

You want a calm, relaxing environment, designed with your pregnancy in mind, that you can have time for you, where you can address the aches and issues you’re battling with and start embracing your changing body without feeling like you have lost yourself in it. If this sounds like you, I can help. Thrive Pregnancy Package is what you’re looking for.